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    Demon Template


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    Demon Template

    Post  Destiny on Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:58 pm

    Name of Character:
    Name of Demon/Spirit:
    Demon/Spirit Gender:
    Demon/Spirit’s Age:
    Looks: (you can post a picture or write what it looks like even if you do both answer,can it be seen by anybody but your character how does this demon/spirit appear in real life this goes with the first one but if it's like a life or death thing and it spirit appears then say that)

    Part 2 post this in another post you need this if you use a demon

    Character Name:
    Name of Seal:(the seal is what keeps the demon inside you)
    Location of the Seal:
    Preparations: (what has to done for the user to transform)
    Transformation Process:(step by step how you transform into your demon to turn into the demon like it's real form it's longer to transform)
    Positive Effects on Target:
    Negative Effects on User: (what happens after to your user after what hurts and the lose)
    Seal Info:(how you got it and what it looks like not long)

    none of this has to be real long but make it nice

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