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    New Info (read it)


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    New Info (read it)

    Post  Destiny on Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:56 pm

    Dragon balls:there are different kind of dragon balls here is a list of some of them for now

    Earth Balls:you get 2 wishes when all 7 balls are together then their gone for a year but they have a limt to what you can do like bring somebody back to life and power

    Namke Balls:you get 3 wishes when all 7 balls are together they have more power then the earth balls and wishes dont have a number to how many times you can bring a person back and power

    Black Star Balls:you get 1 wish when all 7 balls are together but after the balls are sent to the far parts of the universe

    Red Dragon Balls:you get 2 wishes stronger then the black star balls almost anything can be reach with the red dragon balls after they are turned into powerful beast strong as masters

    Sky Dragon Balls:Sky Dragon Balls have 4 wishes and are the hardest to find when all 7 sky drgaon balls are together the sky will appear and give the use anything in the world and beyond the down side is something has to be giving up the higher and powerful the wish the more you will have to lost at some point your soul some of it or parts of your life

    Cloth:Cloths are the armor use in Saint Seiya that gives more power to the user,speed and in sight Cloths will be put up later on in the week the best looks for cloths i would say has to be gundams or any mechas Cloths are a great use for any race and soul reapers can drop their zanpaktou and use new weapons

    Time Skip:time skips if you wanted to make your character look older or stronger time skips would be use but this can not happen because it would effect the whole role play the best thing would be to train with a master and after amount of time ask them to take you to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber:There use to just be one but now there are 15 Hyperbolic Time Chamber all over the world you can only go in with a number of people the list of chamber and places will be post in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber part of the site ok but 1 day is equal to 1 year so pick your time there right peple and request to go if your training under a master that nobody has then leave it in the request part if your training under Shiryu or a master that somebody role play with ask them to take you
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    Re: New Info (read it)

    Post  forumation admin on Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:34 pm

    this i approve

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