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    Kishimoto Clan

    Tiger Dragon
    Tiger Dragon

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    Kishimoto Clan

    Post  Tiger Dragon on Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:53 pm

    Clan name:Kishimoto
    Kekkei Genkai name:Dragon Sin
    History of clan:Kishimoto Clan was band of killers the lived for the chance to kill again after time passed there lived a woman with so much beauty the men fell for her as the woman gave birth to four kids they all had powers of strong and evil force the Kishimoto love the kids and made them into killers as the times pass more and more the first four kids had a small army of dragon users in pure day time the killed all of the members of the Kishimoto clan leaving only a few left a new Kishimoto clan was form with power of the dragon sin flowing in them new powers were learned as time passed the Kishimoto was believe to be dead even now they all may not have the same last name but the Dragon Sin is still in the world with more powers then ever
    Kekkei Genkai looks:theres a lot of dragon sin some look like a dragon eye. others have dragons on their body,some may get clawns,theres different looks to it
    Shiryu dragon looks like this and the dragons on his arms
    Kekkei Genkai power:Shiryu power is his dragon eyes very smiler to the sharingan it can see things before it happens give people their own hell stop their moves see into their soul the dragons make Shiryu faster and stronger this gives him the power to release the dragons in many forms and use different attacks

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    Re: Kishimoto Clan

    Post  latinmoney on Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:58 pm

    oh wow aproved!

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