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    Szabó Clan


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    Szabó Clan

    Post  Destiny on Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:40 pm

    Clan name:Szabó
    Kekkei Genkai name:King Eye
    History of clan:Szabó is royal clan family that holds many powers the clan is over four thosand years old the first ever user was King Szabó a young boy with great power he fought in the demon war a long time ago and bring the world to a win after the clan was made more and more people being bron with the power King also kill millons making his own family and land that land is now britain but doesn't go by that name Kingdom as it called is know for it's spirits and Szabó family.
    Kekkei Genkai looks:the gets a bird shape v wing in the middle and has a different color for every user some users have the same color. At first it's in one eye the right or left then goes to both eyes the v gets longer and has like a star around it when the power gets to a high amount the it's chanes into a different bird shape and a new power
    Kekkei Genkai power:there are five powers knew to the King Eye 1.can give commands to anyone and they follow them to the dot 2.can stop time for amount of minutes and time 3.can read the minds of the foe or anyone and use that against them 4.can rewrite and put things into a person mind and look into the mind of anyone.

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