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    Ikki specials


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    Ikki specials

    Post  Dragon on Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:34 am

    Name of Character:Ikki
    Name of Special move:Flame Wave
    Looks:gaine vwae of strong fire flys out of Ikki hand
    Use:it use by foucsing amount of fire into a hand then releasing it
    History:Ikki learned the kove when he first learned of his element fire and just trained it more

    Name of Character:Ikki
    Name of Special move:Blaze wind
    Looks:wave of wind that truns into a fire like wing burning anything
    Use:Ikki releases a small amout of fire in the air then mix it with the fire to make a blazing wind
    History:after playing around with his fire one day he let some fire out and saw what happened with the wind and the fire then later kept training at it

    Name of Character:Ikki
    Name of Special move:Blaze Line
    Looks:A line of fire that is see around Ikki for a short period of time then again
    Use:Ikki uses his body as place to put all the fire then releases it in anyway he wants at a fast speed
    History:running in the heat one day saw his fire starting to grow around him he then saw it stirke out and made that power his

    Name of Character:Ikki
    Name of Special move:Burning Wing
    Looks:a gaint arua and flames around Ikki with wings that look like they coming out of him
    Use:Ikki foucs his flames around him the into his body as fire like wings appear on his back on fire on his body
    History:during a training day one time Ikki fire started to burn more and more finally not being able to take the pain he started to shoot off fire till finaly he felt it go away and his body on fire

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